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Chris Benoit was a famous professional wrestler and former World Champion in both WCW and WWE, a 20+ year veteran competitor widely respected during his life by peers and fans for his work ethic and dedication to the business. In June of 2007 he inexplicably no-showed a scheduled payperview match against CM Punk and was later found dead, along with his wife and son, in his Georgia home.
The photo above, allegedly the last one ever taken of a living Benoit, was supposedly snapped on Friday, June 22nd at the offices of Dr. Phil Astin, just two days before his death. Over the weekend that followed, he murdered his family and then killed himself. Astin, who was later given a ten year prison sentence for illegally distributing prescription medicine to patients, claimed to notice nothing odd about Benoit during his visit.
Benoit’s wife Nancy, a former wrestling valet, was murdered on Friday, mere hours after this shot. She was found in an office upstairs, bound at the hands and feet and wrapped in a towel with a Bible next to her body, dead by asphyxiation from strangulation with a cord. Their son Daniel, 7, presumably killed some time on Saturday, was found suffocated in his bedroom. There were internal injuries to his throat but no signs of bruising, though some sources claim that needle track marks were found in his arms. Reports indicated that he had been sedated with Xanax and was likely unconscious at the time of his killing. A second Bible was discovered next to his body and a butcher knife was found under his bed, though it wasn’t used in the murders. Benoit killed himself on Sunday by fashioning a cable on a weight machine in his workout room into a noose and hanging himself. A third Bible was found beside him.
A series of bizarre text messages from Benoit to several WWE talents over the course of the weekend — at first acknowledging his absence from a show because of a “missed flight”, then claiming that his wife and son were sick with food poisoning, before finally providing puzzling, unsolicited instructions on how to get into his house — led to the discovery of the crime.
Benoit’s true motive remains unknown. The events were a shock to everyone who knew him. Common speculation has attributed them to everything from brain damage caused by concussions suffered in the ring to drug use to domestic problems to mental health issues to grief over the 2005 death of his longtime friend and coworker Eddie Guerrero. A posthumous examination of Benoit’s brain revealed it to be heavily damaged and similar to that of an 85 year old Alzheimer’s patient, which prompted WWE to institute a stricter drug policy and regular concussion testing. No suicide note was found, though a hand-written notation saying “I am preparing to leave this Earth.” was later discovered inside of yet another Bible he had owned.
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